Senior Pet CareHeading

As our pets age, they often need a little bit of extra care to ensure they’re healthy and happy by your side. At around 7 years, we consider cats and dogs to be entering their golden years, requiring careful attention to potential signs of disease.

Senior Pet Care

Every animal is unique, and we want to make sure that your pet receives the attention they need to catch conditions as they pop up.

Early diagnosis of medical conditions, such as diabetes or osteoarthritis, allows us to begin the most effective treatments immediately. This has the benefit of cutting down on costs for our clients as well. With our ultrasound and x-ray diagnostic tools, we can identify many of the causes of pain or symptoms of disease here in our clinic.

Our Treatments

If your pet does suffer from a degenerative condition, we offer traditional medications and veterinary orthopedic manipulation for a holistic approach to senior pet care. These treatments can help relieve pain, stimulate healing at the cellular level, and increase well being and longevity.

If your older animals experience stress while at the veterinarian’s office, rest assured that we will do everything possible to keep them calm and comfortable. We have extensive experience working with senior pets, so your beloved companion will be in good hands while in our care.