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Spaying and neutering your pets is the most effective way to prevent animal overpopulation in our community. Our goal at Bellevue Animal Hospital is to ensure that every cat and dog finds a loving home, and we need your help to make that a reality.


Spay and Neuter

We offer safe and affordable spay & neuter surgeries for pets in our clinic. You can feel confident that your pet is in good hands with us.

  • We’ll make sure that you’re aware of any potential risks and costs associated with the procedure and walk you through the process with our surgical team.

Safe and Effective Procedures

Our team here at Bellevue Animal Hospital is highly trained in providing safe and effective anesthetic procedures. Our state of the art surgical suite provides the most advanced monitoring for your pet during their spay or neuter surgery. We test all patients to ensure their overall health before surgery, track their vital signs carefully throughout and offer excellent aftercare once they wake up.

Once they’re awake, we’ll keep them with us for careful monitoring before sending them home with any pain medications or supplies they might need. We may discuss non-pharmaceutical treatments to help manage pain or healing at the surgical site. If you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact our clinic.