Pet Digital X-RayHeading

There are countless benefits of using digital X-rays to diagnose specific problems with your pet’s health. The speed and detail provided by digital radiographs make them a convenient and highly accurate diagnostic tool.

Pet Digital X-Ray

Depending on an animal’s symptoms, we may suggest performing this test to identify key causes of pain, swelling or other signs of disease.

Diagnostic Testing

Bellevue Animal Hospital works hard to ensure that our services remain affordable for our clients. We try to maintain minimum diagnostic testing to accurately identify a condition wherever possible. To that end, we will not run tests that we haven’t discussed with pet owners first. Your trust in us as medical support for your pets means so much to us.

When your animal receives a digital x-ray at our facility, our machine allows us to put your pet’s diagnostic images on a CD. This feature means that you can view them at home or use them for a referral to a specialist. We do this so that you never have to get extra and unnecessary testing performed if you need to use the services of another clinic. ​All of the x-ray images taken here are reviewed by a board certified radiologist to ensure the most accurate diagnosis. Once we have that, we can work together to formulate an effective treatment plan.