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At Bellevue Animal Hospital, we take a holistic view of your pet’s health, and that includes what they eat and how active they are. Both of these factors play a huge role in an animal’s wellbeing, and each may contribute to or be influenced by underlying health issues.


Pet Animal Nutritional Counseling

At every wellness exam, we’ll discuss your pet’s overall activity levels, including any changes you may have noticed recently. We’ll take note of any changes to their weight or body composition since the last time we or another veterinarian examined them. We’ll also ask what kind of food they’re eating, including whether they eat hard kibble or wet food, if they receive treats on a regular basis and if there are any human foods they might have access to. It’s helpful to have feeding amounts and brands of food on-hand during a wellness exam.

Common Issues

One of the more common issues we see in pets is excess weight. Those few extra pounds can make a big difference on those small joints over time. Some breeds are especially prone to developing medical problems that are exacerbated by being overweight, so we’ll often suggest carefully monitoring food intake to help them slim down.

The other main issue often caused by diet is related to potential allergies or sensitivities to ingredients. There’s a wide range of foods that could be causing irritation to your pet’s system, leading to skin itchiness or redness as well as gastrointestinal distress. We can work with you to find the best kind of food to help solve these problems and hopefully prevent them from popping up again.