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Bellevue Animal Hospital is proud to provide in-house laboratory testing to make your trip to the vet as smooth as possible, whether it’s for a routine dental cleaning or an emergency situation.


Pet In-House Laboratory

These tests help us understand your pet’s overall health prior to putting them under anesthesia.

  • There are a number of potential conditions that could make procedures involving anesthetics more dangerous, and we want to ensure that our clients are always aware of the possible dangers of performing a surgery.

Quick & Reliable Results

Our in-house laboratory provides quick, reliable results within minutes. This fast turnaround is especially important in cases where we need to perform surgery on a sick or critical patient.

For more involved testing, we use Idexx Laboratories to provide a wide variety of diagnostics for every aspect of your pet’s health. We’ve worked hard to keep costs low for pets and owners in our community, which is why our clinic chose to offer only what we consider the time-sensitive and critical laboratory test capabilities in-house.