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Watching your pet approach the end of their life is never easy. And while we all hope that our beloved companions will remain comfortable and relatively healthy until they take their final breath, this usually isn’t the case. Much like humans, pets can experience a number of unpleasant symptoms.

Pet Hospice Care

At Bellevue Animal Hospital, we provide hospice care for pets in Bellevue to keep them comfortable until they pass naturally or the family chooses to have them humanely put to sleep. If your pet is terminally ill or simply nearing the end of their natural lifespan, you don’t have to go through this difficult time.

What is Veterinary Hospice Care?

Veterinary hospice care is a medically supervised, family-focused service intended to maintain pet’s comfort and quality of life. Whether they are terminally ill, have suffered a severe injury, or are nearing the end due to old age, these services help ensure that your pet’s final days, weeks, or even months are comfortable and filled with love. It is modeled after human hospice and focuses on providing comfort, not curing underlying health issues.

When you choose us to help, we will assess your pet and offer suggestions for easing symptoms and managing pain. We may recommend a variety of treatment modalities and will discuss everything with you to create a plan that works for your pet, you, and the rest of your family.

Pet Hospice in Bellevue

For compassionate pet hospice in Bellevue, choose the caring team at Bellevue Animal Hospital. Please reach out to us to request additional information or schedule an appointment for your beloved companion.