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Just like us, our pets need regular dental care to stay healthy and happy. By the age of 3, most cats and dogs will have developed enough plaque and tartar to require some extra help keeping their teeth clean.

Dental Diseases

So how exactly do our pets develop various dental diseases? Specific kinds of bacteria normally found in the mouth, combined with the animal’s food and their own saliva, will lead to the formation of that film on their teeth that you’re likely familiar with yourself. Without proper brushing, that plaque will mineralize and become a hard coating that we refer to as tartar. Just like how you need to go to the dentist to get the plaque and tartar removed, your pet may be at risk for a wide range of health issues if they don’t get the same kind of care.

Tartar on the teeth promotes gum disease, leading to recessed gums and the weakening of an animal’s tooth structure. The eventual repercussions are potentially quite painful for your pet and may necessitate tooth extraction or other interventions. Perhaps even more concerning, the bacteria that causes these issues can also enter the bloodstream and affect organs such as the liver and heart.

Our team here at Bellevue Animal Hospital is highly trained in providing safe and effective anesthetic procedures that allow us to give your pet the deep dental clean they need to stay healthy. Our state of the art dental suite provides the most advanced monitoring for your pet during their teeth cleaning, oral surgery or dental x-ray procedure. We test all patients to ensure their overall health before the procedure, track their vital signs carefully throughout and provide excellent aftercare once they wake up. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.