Pet Wellness ExamHeading

One of the most important parts of your pet’s ongoing healthcare is an annual wellness exam.

Pet Wellness Exam

This visit allows our veterinarian the opportunity to carefully assess an animal’s overall health and identify disease in its earliest stages. Our hope is that we can see your pet year after year, becoming familiar with all of their individual conditions.

Bellevue Animal Hospital prioritizes preventative care wherever possible, and we’d like to help you protect your pet by being proactive about their health.

During and After the Exam

During your pet’s wellness exam, they will receive a nose to tail examination. This includes a close look at their eyes, nose and ears, evaluating the quality of their skin and coat, listening to their heart and lungs and palpating their abdomen. Oh, and don’t tell your pet, but we’ll also need to take their body temperature.

During and after the exam, we can discuss your pet’s overall health and what you may be able to do at home to improve certain conditions or symptoms. This may include changing their diet to help them lose some extra pounds or trying to brush their teeth with an at-home kit. We can discuss your pet’s lifestyle and decide which vaccinations will be needed at this time. If your animal’s teeth are beginning to show signs of periodontal disease, we can discuss a dental cleaning as well.

Most wellness exams we perform include basic tests for parasites and urinary issues. If we find any concerning signs or symptoms during our exam, we may ask to run additional tests like an X-ray or a laboratory screening. We’ll always discuss with you before performing a diagnostic procedure. Our goal is to keep regular veterinary care affordable for all our clients.