Every day, veterinarians see pet owners who are disabled, elderly or living on a fixed or low income. These families are often faced with heartbreakingly difficult decisions when it comes to their pets’ care. While veterinarians work hard to make their life-saving services as affordable as possible, the need is still great.

At Bellevue Animal Hospital, we’re working to help every pet get access to that necessary care. With the help of our amazing and compassionate clients, we manage a non-profit fund to provide veterinary services for sick and injured pets of low-income owners. We named it Aspen's Fund in honor of our clinic cat that we lost in 2019. Please join us in helping us care for animals in need and make a tax-deductible donation today.

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"Seattle Humane is proud to partner with Bellevue Animal Hospital to help make pet companionship accessible to all people. By providing affordable services and emergency medical care to pets of low-income families, the team at BAH is keeping pets in loving homes where they belong, and out of the shelter system. Purrs, tail wags, and thank you to Dr. Gerard and Bellevue Animal Hospital for supporting Seattle Humane's mission of promoting the human-animal bond and keeping families together. We couldn’t accomplish our life-saving work without the compassionate care and support from partners like you."
--Seattle Humane Pet Resource Center

“When a community outreach client was worried about their cat’s recent decline in health, we referred them to Bellevue Animal Hospital where their cat was diagnosed with diabetes. BAH worked with the client to provide ongoing veterinary care, and eased the financial burden by arranging an affordable payment schedule. The best part? Their cat is thriving. Their family is together. That’s because of community support. Thank you!”
--Julie McCabe, Seattle Humane intake supervisor.