Finding a Pet Vaccine Clinic in Bellevue


Pet Vaccine Clinic in Bellevue

No one wants to have their family Golden Retriever to play out the tragic last scenes of Old Yeller. Or at least we assume so, we’ve never been able to bring ourselves to finish the movie ourselves (occupational hazard, really). Apparently no one likes it when you start throwing popcorn at the TV and yell about how this could all be avoided nowadays with a few minutes at a local pet vaccine clinic in Bellevue.



Rabies Hasn’t Gone Away

Through some great vaccination campaigns and hard work, it’s rare these days for our pets to be at risk from rabies. By extension, that means that the human owners (us) are also safe from this deadly and frightening disease. That’s not to say we’re home free, though. Rabies is still found in animals here in Washington, including raccoons, foxes and, most recently, bats. Just imagine how difficult it would be to guarantee that your pets never encounter one of these animals in your backyard or even on a walk or hike. Bats can often make their way into attics or the eaves of the house, and cats zero in on them like the best Christmas and birthday present all rolled into one. It was be devastating to come home to find them triumphantly sitting on their conquered intruder and suddenly wonder if your pet is up to date on their vaccinations.


Rabies Vaccine Requirements

Rabies vaccines are so important for public health that all owners of dogs, cats and ferrets in the state of Washington are required to get their animal vaccinated regularly. A pet vaccine clinic in Bellevue will be able to tell you how often your pet needs their vaccines depending on their species. Beyond the state requirements, you’ll definitely need your pet to be vaccinated if you want to take them on a plane, drop them off at doggie daycare or board them overnight at a facility. No business can risk the dangers of an unvaccinated pet. Especially given how deadly rabies is to humans.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment at a pet vaccine clinic here in Bellevue, please feel free to reach out to us at Bellevue Animal Hospital.

Pet Vaccine Clinic in Bellevue
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