Bellevue Veterinarian Suggested New Year's Resolutions for Your Pet

The start of a New Year is a time for positive changes and fresh beginnings. While you may have comm...

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Essential Pet Immunizations near Redmond

Did you know that August is National Immunization Awareness Month? As such, it is an excellent time ...

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3 Reasons Your Pet May Need to See a Veterinarian for Pet Nutrition in Bellevue

There aren't many things that most pets love more than mealtime. The mere sound of kibble being pour...

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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy: Tips from a Veterinarian near Mercer Island

If you share your home with a four-legged family member, you undoubtedly would be willing to do whatever it takes to help them live a long and happy life. Whether you have a brand-new puppy or a senior dog, there are always things that you can do to help extend their life and ensure that they get to spend as many years as your loyal companion. Check out these tips from a veterinarian near Mercer Island to learn how you can keep your canine companion healthy and happy! 

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The Importance of Pet Dentistry in Bellevue

  Dental hygiene is not often the first thing considered when exploring the welfare needs of your an...

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Animal Hospital Medina

If you have pets, you need to have a vet, too. Just like you need a doctor who you can turn to for r...

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Veterinarian Medina

When your furry friend is in need of medical or dental care, you want to know that there is a vet in...

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Pet Clinic Mercer Island

Whether your cat or dog is due for routine care or in need of help with an illness or injury, having...

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Poison Prevention for Bellevue Pets

When it comes to keeping our pets healthy, it doesn’t just stop at regular wellness exams or dental ...

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Getting Your Puppy Their Vaccines in Bellevue

Protecting your newest addition to the family is an important step in caring for your pet. Young dog...

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Finding the Right Veterinarian Near Mercer Island

Whether you’ve had your puppy for a single day or your feline companion for the past 15 years, it’s ...

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When to Use a Mobile Veterinarian in Bellevue

Think of the last time you took your pet to the vet’s office. Are you having to search back (way, wa...

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Getting Your Pet Dental Care in Bellevue

Are you ready for a bit of the gross stuff? We know that your pet’s mouth isn’t exactly the most ple...

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Spay and Neuter in Bellevue, WA

The decision to spay or neuter your pet is one of the best choices you could ever make. The benefits...

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Finding a Pet Vaccine Clinic in Bellevue

No one wants to have their family Golden Retriever to play out the tragic last scenes of Old Yeller....

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Fourth of July and Summer Tips for Your Pet

Fourth of July and Summer Tips for Your Pet     Summer is finally here in the Pacific Northwest and ...

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Welcome to Bellevue Animal Hospital

Bellevue Animal Hospital has been serving Eastside dogs & cats since 1955. We’ve provided generations of families -- both human and furry -- the individualized care they need, from wellness exams to acupuncture and laser therapies to house call services.

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Bellevue Animal Hospital has been serving Eastside dogs & cats since 1955.

Phone (425) 454 - 1246

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10415 Main Street, Bellevue, WA 98004

Phone (425) 454 - 1246

Fax (425) 646 - 7281

10415 Main Street, Bellevue, WA 98004

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